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From the moment of contact, we were super impressed with the process. Constant communication, documentation, and updates. Our precious kitten is beyond our expectations. We thoroughly enjoyed the process and would definitely get another kitten from this breeder. Chris & Terry  

Our gorgeous boy, Draco, is the best cat we have ever had! It is very obvious that David loved on our sweet boy and gave him lots of attention before handing over his care. We have 5 young kids, so it was very important to us that he was well handled! Draco is 7 1/2 months old now and he has proven that he is from an excellent line of Siberians. They are more dog-like and are known to be great with children. He is best friends with our tiny Pomeranian! We had to travel around 6 hours, one-way to pick up our sweet boy. David was wonderful and patient with figuring out a time to meet up. We even changed our pickup spot last minute (kids had to eat) and he was able to accommodate that. If/when we are ready to handle another Siberian in our home, I will most definitely buy another Siberian from him!!! Sumer Rae 

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